We are dedicated to long term partnerships. Our professional teams exceed our partners’ expectations by providing exceptional services.

We offer a complete portfolio of distribution, logistics, transportation, sales, after sales and merchandising services which benefit from marketing support. The services are offered to our partners either individually or part of integrated packages. In any circumstances, we are able to offer all these services in-house, thus offering a direct bridge with the market.

Our vision is to become the first choice of integrated distribution, logistics and transportation services, providing a direct bridge to market for our clients and partners, while responding to the highest degree to market dynamics and challenges

Why Aquila?

Over 15 years of experience in active distribution of FMCG products and over 10 years in domestic and international transportation of goods.

Certified quality services

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About us

Established in 1994, Aquila Part Prod Com is the company which has placed the bases of group, currently having...

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Our companies

Aquila Part Prod Com, Seca Distribution, Blue Coffee Service, Nordexim Vending Services...

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If you like retail or HoReCa, or if you wish to drive a truck or become the best salesman or marketing....

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